How to Spot and Treat Internet Addiction
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How do you know when a lot becomes too much? Five ways to identify an internet addiction and what to do if have one.

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The 2010 Suggested Diagnostic Criteria for Internet Addiction © Samael Kreutz

As a relatively new and evolving condition, Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) does not yet have a codified set of diagnostic criteria. Here are the latest recommendations (from 2010) to help doctors and other mental health workers make a diagnosis. Easy to understand, these new diagnostic criteria may help you diagnosis a problem that you or a loved one deals with.

Psychiatric Disorders that Predict Internet Addiction © Larskflem

Researchers say that people with certain mental health conditions, like ADHD, depression, social phobia and others are at greater risk to develop a co-occurring addiction to the internet. Learn more about what types of disorders put a person at increased risk of internet addiction and about what can be done to prevent it for those most at risk.

For Children and Teens - The Risks of Excessive Video Game Play © Nico.Cavalo

Kids that spend more than 2 hours a day in front of a video game, computer or TV set are at increased risk of mental health problems, obesity, poor school performance and a host of other negatives. Read the research highlights that paint a scary picture of what excessive screen time does to a developing mind and learn some easy to implement tips to get your son or daughter away from the TV or video game screen!

Who Is Most at Risk for an Internet Addiction? © Snapsi

Who is most at risk for an internet addiction - it's not who you think!

Email Addiction - An Impulsive Compulsive Disorder © Jodi

The 2 hallmarks of an email addiction are an obsession with thoughts of checking for email and an inability to resist the urge to check. Email addicts might check for mail hundreds of times per day - and eventually think of little else.

The internet has created a new class of sexual addict, and the anonymity and ease of access to sexual content has caused an enormous increase in the numbers suffering a sexual compulsion disorder.

MMPRPG's and the Dangers of Video Game Addiction © Patrick Brosset

EverCrack - the name says it all, and it's not funny anymore for the hundreds of thousands that are so addicted to their virtual worlds that they can't stop playing.

Understanding Internet Addiction - Facts, Symptoms and Risks © Julian

A recognized compulsive-impulsive use disorder - understand internet addiction, know how to spot it and learn what can be done.

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  • Technology Rehabs: Specialized treatment centers now exist to help those struggling with compulsions to use technology. Unlike with drugs or alcohol, however, people in recovery from technology addictions must learn how to use technology responsibly, since abstinence is hardly an option.
  • Depression: Kids and teens that spend a lot of time glued to a screen each day are more likely than their more active peers to experience depression and other mental health ailments. Additional consequences of excessive screen time can include insomnia, bullying, poor school performance and reduced creativity.
  • Withdrawal Effects: Do you feel irritable or depressed when you can’t get online? If so, you meet one of the criteria used informally to diagnose internet addiction.
Internet Addiction
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