Family Involvement

At Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center we recognize the importance of including family members and loved ones in your treatment. We have a family program which is provided, at no additional cost, to immediate family members and loved ones of clients healing in our residential treatment program.

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We work diligently with family members and loved ones of clients at Blue Ridge so that they are able to gain insight into the disease process and how it impacts the entire family unit. Our primary goal is to help each family member become knowledgeable about chemical dependency, addiction, and mental illness. We allow each individual the opportunity to express the ways in which addiction has affected them personally by encouraging an open dialog among the family unit in our safe, moderated environment. We work to improve communication skills in the family dynamic so that each family member feels heard and understood. We will also explore the roles loved ones have played in the addiction and discuss necessary behavioral changes. We will also connect loved ones with available community resources to allow the continued healing and recovery for all family members. We want to help the entire family to heal and thrive.

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Once every month we offer family and loved ones the opportunity to participate in our 2-day long Family Workshop. This weekend-long experience seeks to include family members and loved ones in the recovery journey and provides the opportunity for families to learn more about mental illness, addiction, and recovery. We understand the challenges of loving someone who has an addiction or mental illness and our caring staff is ready to help.

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