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When you call our friendly staff we will listen why you tell us what led you to contact us.

Blue Ridge Admissions ImageDuring the conversation one of our admissions counselors will ask you questions about your specific circumstances in an effort to help determine whether Blue Ridge is the best place for you to begin your recovery. Like every part of our program, our admissions process is aimed at discovering who you are as an individual as well as to gather information about your substance related difficulties. In addition to the history of your addiction and any treatment you may have had in the past, we will also want to know about your living situation and what your social support network is like – including family members, significant others, friends, and support you may have through school or work.

Upon admission to the facility, the client is then evaluated by our medical team, and if warranted, placed in either our Alcohol and Drug Detoxification Program or directly into our Alcohol and Drug Residential Treatment Program. Shortly after entering the Alcohol and Drug Residential Treatment Program, each client meets with a Licensed Counselor who provides a more in-depth clinical assessment. These assessments form the basis of the client’s individualized addiction treatment plan.

Our admissions staff is here 24/7 to take your call.  Everything you discuss with us will remain strictly confidential.

For admissions, call (855) 972-0890 now, toll free.

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