Advertising Policy

The following guidelines have been established by Choose Help to govern the various aspects of advertising on

1. Material Submission

Please submit all ads and ad inquiries to [email protected]

2. General Policies

2.1 Lead Time & Deployment

  • Choose Help requires 5 business days prior to launching an ad campaign in order to review, test & deploy the campaign.
  • Choose Help requires 3 business days prior to changing existing ad campaigns.
  • Banner ads are served by Google’s DFP ad manager.

2.2 Ad Appearance & Content

  • Ads can't contain any vulgar language, derogatory statements or offensive material.
  • No overwhelming presence of phone number.
  • Ads must be easily identified as non Choose Help content.
  • Audio must be initiated by users with a distinct on/off button.
  • Ads that expand must be initiated by users.

2.3 Banner Ad Pixel Sizes

2.3.1 Desktop Ads

  • Medium Rectangle (300x250)
  • Half Page (300x600)
  • Full Banner (486x60)
  • Leaderboard (728x90)
  • Super Leaderboard (970x90)

2.3.2 Mobile Ads

  • Medium Rectangle (300x250)
  • Mobile Leaderboard (320x50)

2.4 Navigation

  • All ad clicks must open in a new browser (tab or window).
  • All ad clicks can only open one new browser (tab or window).

2.5 Ads Not Accepted

  • Drug & alcohol promotional companies or products
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Non licensed medical professionals
  • Non licensed treatment facilities
  • Please note our site hosts Google sponsored ads and links. We do not control Google's ad content.

2.6 Various Advertising Opportunities

  • Banner Ads
  • Native Ad-Boxes
  • Newsletter
  • Rehab Programs (Premier Sponsors only)
  • Phone Number (Premier Sponsors only)

2.7 Advertising & Sponsorship Indicators

  • All banner ads are framed and labelled “Advertisement".
  • All native ad-boxes are framed and labelled “From our sponsors:".
  • Are two premier sponsors are clearly showcased at the top of our Rehab Programs as well as in our About Us section.

2.8 Editorial Integrity

  • All content is written objectively & unbiasedly.
  • We do not accept paid content / advertorials.
  • For more information about who and how to write for Choose Help please visit our support portal.

3. Ad Specifications

3.1 Approved Ad Formats

  • Choose Help image hosted ads
  • Choose Help flash hosted ads
  • 3rd party ads (Google Display Network are pre-approved, all others require review)
  • HTML ads
  • Video ads (3rd party served)
  • Audio ads
  • Expandable ads

3.2 Non-Approved Ad Formats

  • Pop-up ads
  • Pop-under ads
  • Floating ads
  • Ads initiating phone calls

4. Additional Specifications

  • Choose Help reserves the right to refuse ads they deem inappropriate.
  • Choose Help reserves the right to terminate any campaign at our discretion.
  • Ads formats & specifications not listed above require Choose Help's review & approval.
  • All ads must comply with our Terms of Services & our Privacy Policy.

Page last updated Aug 11, 2020