Is Marijuana Maintenance a Good Idea?

Looking at the scientific evidence for and against marijuana as a substitution medication for alcoholism.

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Club drug harm reduction - what’s in those drugs? European researchers tested over a 1000 samples of cocaine, MDMA and amphetamine to find out. Learn about common adulterants and about how to stay safer with club drugs.

5 Reasons Why Synthetic Marijuana Is Riskier than Natural Marijuana © Wikipedia

Take a harm reduction perspective - if you choose to smoke marijuana, smoke the natural kind and pass on the synthetic varieties. Here are 5 great reasons to avoid synthetic marijuana.

Whether you’re cocaine dependent or a recreational user, harm reduction makes sense for everyone. If you can’t or won’t stop, read through this list of 36 ways to stay healthier when you use and adopt those strategies that make sense for you.

If drinking’s a problem but you can’t or do not want to stop, consider taking small steps right now to minimize the harms associated with use. Here are some ideas to get you started.

50 Heroin Harm Reduction Ideas © Soleir

Does heroin harm reduction make sense? Well, anything that keeps you alive and healthy increases the odds of eventual lasting recovery. Read on for 50+ harm reduction ideas.

Introducing the HAMS Harm Reduction Program - An AA Alternative © Caleb Wood

Is moving from high-risk drinking to moderate-risk drinking a worthy goal? To learn more about harm reduction, here’s an interview with HAMS founder Kenneth Anderson.

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  • Substance Abuse Isn’t Going Away: Instead of focusing exclusively on eliminating the drug and alcohol abuse, harm reduction seeks to reduce the harms associated with this use.
  • Harm Reduction = Start Where You Are: You rarely have to make a sudden dramatic change to get started with harm reduction (like quit entirely) it’s more about making small changes that may one day add up to something great.
  • The Right of Self Determination: Everyone has the right to decide how they want to live their own life and everyone deserves the same basic human rights, whether they use drugs or not.
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