Predicting Your Alcohol Withdrawal Severity
© Gisella Giardino

If an afternoon in a doctor’s office and a few pills could save your life/keep alcohol withdrawal symptoms from progressing to dangerous levels, is it worth just doing it on your own? Read on for ...

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Are You Ready to Quit Drinking? Overcoming Ambivalence to Change © Paulgi

Few people make a decision to quit alcohol for good before resolving feelings of ambivalence about drinking – after all, if there wasn’t something we enjoyed about alcohol then why would anyone ever develop a problem?! Read on to answer a few quick questions that should help you to clarify what is that you like and don’t like about drinking and what it is you’d like and not like about quitting – so that you’ll develop a better idea about whether you are ready to quit for good!

Alcohol Rehab for Older Women - It Is Never too Late © Pol Ubeda

Seniors do very well in alcohol rehab, and since the risks of drinking increase as we age, older women who drink too much need help right now.

No Relapse; Medications Used After Rehab Can Help © Pave M

The initial weeks and months after alcohol rehab are a time of great temptation and cravings. Three commonly used medications can help to reduce the strength of cravings, and help you stay sober.

Alcohol Rehab or Therapeutic Community...Which Do I Need? © Tiago Ribeiro

When evaluating available alcoholism treatments, you will quickly need to decide whether you need long term stay at a therapeutic community or the more intense therapies of a briefer stay at an alcohol rehab. Whichever you decide, don't wait....check in tomorrow, get sober tomorrow.

Why Holistic Alcohol Rehab is Better © Andrew kalat

No one form of therapy works well for everyone, and that's why the best alcohol rehabs provide a very comprehensive base of treatments, including some that don't at first seem all that related to overcoming addiction...but can help a lot.

Alcohol Rehab, Everyone Can Afford It! © Tracy O

The vast majority of alcoholics never get help, and most never want it; but there is a significant number of people who know they need help and want to change, but for few reasons, feel they cannot get into rehab. Here's how to overcome these barriers to treatment, get help and get sober.

Sometimes anything short of alcohol rehab just isn't enough. Don't ignore what's obvious, and when you've tried and failed on countless occasions to quit, you need to accept that you can't do it on your own. Get into rehab and detox safely, learn why you drink, and learn what you need to know to never have to drink again. You can do it, you do need some help, and it's always worth it.

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  • Alcohol Rehabs: Different program types range from Christian, to single gender to luxury to everything in between
  • Therapeutic Communities: Long term care for people with a history of relapse and treatment failure
  • Alcohol Detox: It can be dangerous without medication and nursing care
  • Special Populations: Rehab for seniors, for gays and lesbians, for women or men only, faith based etc.
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