Family Program

SRC emphasizes the importance of the family system in all of its programs and tracks. To that end, SRC provides an intensive, 3-day, family program, which includes a combination of education, family and multi-family group process, and skills building.

To provide the best opportunity for change, it is of the utmost importance that family members and/or significant others participate in the family program. The Family Program provides family members with education as to dysfunctional family patterns and of the disease process of addiction. Clients and Families alike will also receive instruction as to strategies for change.

Education - clients and their family members engage in the following education sessions:

    • Family Systems and Addictions
    • Neurobiology and Addiction
    • Enabling
    • Boundaries
    • And other issues that may come to light during the weekend

Group Process - family members engage in several small process groups during the weekend. Additionally, clients and their family members engage in a multi-family group process following their communication exercise. Group activities include:

    • Processing issues around enabling and boundaries
    • Communication
    • Fears
    • Other issues brought up during the weekend

Communication Skills Building - clients and their family members engage in a multi-family group communication exercise in which they:

    • Identify likes and dislikes
    • Express emotions
    • Identify goals and commitments for recovery

Personal Recovery Planning - family members and clients work together to create a personal recovery plan. This is the culmination of the education and work done in classes and groups throughout the weekend. Discussion includes but is not limited to:

    • Ongoing treatment expectations
    • Living arrangements
    • Support group expectations
    • Financial issues
    • Employment and education issues
    • Boundary setting.

Supportive Visits Can Benefit Everyone

Family members and friends of those in treatment are encouraged, at appropriate times, to support the person in treatment to healthier and more positive lives and relationships.

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