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Treatment Philosophy

Riverview Behavioral Health offers confidential and caring treatment in a warm, supportive environment. Our multidisciplinary treatment team provides crisis resolution, positive self-awareness, development of social skills, as well as continued personal growth across the lifespan. We promote an atmosphere of nurturing and holistic care that aims to help our patients move past their current problems and reach their full potential. The treatment team at Riverview believes that each person we help is more than a constellation of symptoms, they're a whole person who needs to be treated in a unique, individualized approach. We offer empirically-validated, scientifically-backed treatment and therapies along with holistic treatments aimed at healing the whole person - mind, body, and spirit.

We support all of our patients and the community by offering educational outreach, managing acute difficulties, providing long-term care, as well as excellent aftercare options for each person who comes to us for help. Riverview wants to ensure that each patient receives the most comprehensive care available so that they are able to return to their community and lead a happy, productive, and fulfilled life.

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Treatments Offered

Rather than offering a one-size-fits all approach to treatment, we offer specific types of programs that meet the needs of older adults and children and adolescents including acute inpatient and residential child and adolescent services and K-12 therapeutic day treatment (TDT) educational services. We also offer acute senior adult inpatient services, intensive outpatient programs (IOP) for senior adults, as well as off-site mobile assessment services. Treatment is under the medical direction and supervision of our staff psychiatrists and administered by nurses, social workers, therapists, recreational specialists, special education teachers and a team of other caring mental health professionals.

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