Family Involvement

Four Circles offers a secure, password-protected website where partners and family members can view photos of a client's experiences and read about how they are progressing at Four Circles. Families benefit greatly by being part of the recovery journey, even if it is "virtual" participation – they can understand the challenges as well as the joys of recovery as their loved ones progress. Families become an essential part of a client's support system when they return home.

Substance abuse impacts the entire family. At Four Circles the family has the opportunity to participate in a weekly family therapy session by phone and a weekly support conference call with other families who have a loved one in treatment. In addition, Four Circles has put together an informative family workbook and reading list for family members who want more information and the opportunity to be a part of the recovery process.

Toward the end of the program, key family members come to Four Circles for two days and participate in an educational workshop followed by adventure-based family therapy facilitated by our clinical staff.

Four Circles' focus is on helping the family heal, improve communication, and support the recovery efforts of the identified client.

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