Treatment Philosophy

Cascade is a specialized treatment center that offers a number of distinct programs designed to address the specific needs of our clients. Our mission is to create a world-class treatment program that sets the standard of excellence in the treatment of mental health disorders and addictions. We strive to provide an environment where the care each person receives enables them to regain hope about about the future. Our goal is to provide longevity, repetition, and effective treatment that provides high patient satisfaction.

In order to fulfill our mission and reach our goals we have assembled a team of top professionals from a variety of different disciplines. Each team members strives to make Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital synonymous with excellent care, phenomenal customer service, and total commitment to families, our communities, and most importantly our patients.

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Treatments Offered

At Cascade we offer a few different programs to help those struggling with mental health disorders and addiction problems.

Addiction Recovery: In this program out patients can get medically based treatment throughout the entire recovery process. Our broad range of treatment options allow us to make each patients personalized to their specific needs. Some components of the addiction recovery program include:

Medical Detox: Our medical detoxification program is for those patients that come to us physically dependent on one or more substances. Through out the whole withdrawal process patient are closely monitored to ensure for patient safety.

Inpatient Stabilization: This one to two week program is designed to optimize care without creating too much disruption in our patients' lives. The program is composed of medical treatment, lectures, individual and group therapy, as well as 12-step meetings. The main goal of the inpatient program is to help patients build a sober network, be able to anticipate triggers for relapse, and develop strategies that will help them to remain clean and sober.

Seniors Program: The senior program at Cascade is designed to address a number of different geriatric mental health concerns in a program that includes both inpatient and outpatient services. After a thorough evaluation is completed our treatment team will work with the patient and their family to develop an effective treatment plan that will help stabilize the patients current condition.

Outpatient Treatment: The mission of our outpatient program is to help patients secure and maintain long-term abstinence. This program is centered around the 12-step model and includes group therapy, individual therapy, cognitive behavioral interventions, family education and support, as well as peer mentoring. We have both day and evening outpatient therapy programs that meet on a daily basis. Additionally, we have an alumni group that meets on a weekly basis and it their to offer their support to the patients.

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Rehab Activities

In addition to our traditional therapeutic approaches our addiction program has a number of other experiential programs available for our patients. Some of these programs include: exercise, acupuncture, meditation, spirituality,  and yoga.

Our geriatric program also has a number of experiential programs such as:

  • music therapy
  • art therapy
  • cooking
  • exercise
  • pet therapy
  • spirituality

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