Family Involvement

We offer a Family Program which is designed to provide clients, family members and significant others a greater understanding of the Disease Concept of Addiction.

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The professionals at Acadiana know that for an addict to have a successful rehabilitation, that treatment must also include support from family members who have also been affected by the addiction. All loved ones are strongly encouraged to participate in the weekend family program and the three day family workshop. Through supportive guidance healing among the family can occur and relationships can grow to be healthy.

The three-day family workshop is designed to allow both patients and loved ones the opportunity to heal together. This program will help to educate everyone about addiction, open lines of communication, provide support, and help integrate the family into the recovery process. Since addiction is a family disease treatment for the entire family is a key component in a successful recovery.

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In addition to the family programs, all of our clinicians provide our clients and families a range of services, including individual therapy, patient and family groups and weekly education and support groups. Continuing Care Programs are provided by our own dedicated and experienced clinicians to clients, their families, and loved ones after completion of treatment.

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