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Making Amends to Family

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The sad truth is that when we drink or when we use drugs, the people we harm most in this world are also the people that we love the most.

How many wrongs has a long suffering wife endured? How much neglect do our children suffer while we selfishly use? What can we possibly say to make things right for such monumental failings and hurt?


Nothing you can say can make it better. You can say you're sorry, and mean it, and this can do something. You can say that it won’t happen again, and mean it, and this also carries some weight; but in the face of such hurt, a few words alone can never repair the damage.

But you need not make amends through words alone! You can make amends to family through actions…a thousand and one actions over the days, weeks and years that will do an enormous amount to erase the harms you've done!

You can't walk in the door one evening and try to make amends in an evening to family…it's ridiculous, but you can do it through a lifetime of putting them first, acting out of love and concern for them always, and striving everyday, for the rest of your life, to ease that pain.

With time, you will right all wrongs.

When you make a full and honest amends, truly out of a desire to erase hurts, you benefit greatly. Do the right thing and do it for those that you have harmed and you will feel God's love.

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