Longleaf Hospital

Psychiatric Hospital, Treatment Center

Longleaf Hospital is an acute behavioral health inpatient program designed to help children, teens, adults and seniors who are struggling with emotional, behavioral and mental disorders.

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44 Versailles Boulevard
Rapides Parish
71303, United States
  • Age Group
    11 - 99 years

Payment Options

  • Private Insurance
  • Self-Pay

Treatments Offered

  • Addiction Counseling
  • Anxiety Treatment
  • Art Therapy
  • Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment
  • Group Therapy
  • Holistic Treatment
  • Individual Counseling
  • PTSD and Trauma Therapy
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Spiritual Counseling

Patient Population

  • Adults
  • Children/ Teenagers
  • Seniors (65 or older)
  • Veterans

Extra Services

  • Accredited Academics
  • Education Services


Joint Commission,
The Jason Foundation,

Accepted Insurances Include

Aetna TRICARE United Behavioral Health MHN BlueCross BlueShield
Longleaf Hospital

More about Longleaf Hospital

Located in historic Alexandria, Louisiana on the south bank of the beautiful Red River, we offer people who are trying to overcome mental health disorders the perfect location for the healing process.

Longleaf Hospital's purpose is to provide high quality services that respond to individual, family, and community needs in a healing place. Treatment is offered through a range of multidisciplinary programs in a therapeutic, confidential and safe environment. We are committed to the highest quality medical and business practices.

Treatments Offered

Longleaf Hospital is proud to offer comprehensive treatment for children, teenagers, adults and seniors suffering with mental health issues. Our inpatient programs include:

Children and Adolescent Treatment

Longleaf Hospital offers treatment for children and adolescents who are suffering from complex psychiatric disorders and co-occurring disorders. With our wide range of clinical expertise, our child and adolescent multidisciplinary treatment team helps to stabilize acute symptoms, identify core problems, and determine the next steps in the child or teen's recovery process. We offer in-depth assessments for each child or teen who comes to us for help so that we are able to treat all of the disorders the child or teen is facing, not simply the presenting problem.

Treatment goals for our children and adolescent patients involve crisis resolution, treating acute mental health conditions, create a treatment plan based around the child or teen's needs and the recommendations of our treatment team. We'll work hard to teach each child and teen who comes to us for help to develop and practice effective coping, communication, and emotional regulations. Your child or teen's treatment team will be assessing and reassessing the progress he or she makes during his or her stay with us and making any adjustments to the treatment plan as needed. Children and teens in our care will practice newly-learned skills in a scholastic atmosphere to make the adjustment back into their school as seamless as possible.

Adult Treatment for men, women, and seniors

Inpatient services for men, women and and seniors who are struggling with emotional problems and mental disorders provide an essential level of care that is designed to kick-start the long-term recovery process. At Longleaf Hospital, our inpatient treatment program allows you to escape from your current daily life and stressors and begin the process of recovery in a safe and supported environment.

Your plan of care will include a variety of holistic components designed to heal the whole you. We offer individual therapy to allow you to address the complications that have arisen in your life, as well as discussion about ways to fix the problems in your life. Our groups are a vital part of the healing process as they allow you the ability to interact with others who are facing similar challenges.

Longleaf offers family sessions that allow us the opportunity to work with your loved ones to educate them about your illness and that will help you and your loved ones to begin to reconnect in a safe, supportive atmosphere. Coming to us for help will also allow us to get your medications under control and adjusted so they're effective and help alleviate the symptoms of your disorder.

Rehab Activities

As a holistic treatment center that aims to heal your mind, body, and soul, we offer a variety of experiential therapies to compliment traditional therapies. These may include:

  • School-based classrooms
  • Art therapy
  • Pastoral services
  • Recreational therapy

Family Involvement

Family therapy is a very important part of your recovery so we aim to include your loved ones in family sessions multiple times a week.

During these sessions, we'll allow your loved ones the chance to share their feelings about your condition and teach them more about the your specific mental health disorder so that they better understand what you are going through. We'll also teach your loved ones ways that they can help you during your recovery.


  • TREATMENT:Personalized & effective treatment
  • ACCREDITATION:Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval
  • LOCATION: South bank of the beautiful Red River

Admissions Process

When you call, one of our intake or community liaison specialists they will ask you a series of questions about your current condition and the issues that you are struggling with in order to determine if Longleaf Hospital would be a good fit for your personal treatment needs.

Once you arrive at Longleaf, our intake coordinators will conduct a more thorough evaluation through a series of medical and psychological assessments. Our assessments are designed to help us determine the severity of your disorder, any medical problems you may have, and the presence of any co-occurring disorders.

All of this information will then be used to create a personalized treatment plan for your stay with us. All of our staff is dedicated to your overall well-being and will be there for you throughout the entire process. They will answer any questions you may have and will do everything they can to make you as comfortable as possible.

Treatment and Philosophy

At Longleaf Hospital, we've helped countless men, women, teens, and children successfully recover from self-harm and self-injury. Our multidisciplinary treatment team will work together to make certain that all of your needs are being met during your stay with us. We'll make sure you always have someone to turn to when you need us most. At Longleaf, our main priority is you.

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