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dennisgatto's Most Recent Activity on Choose Help

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    10:33 - Mar 08, 2014 Poly-Substance Abuse

    I am on the following medications, prescribed by my Psychiatrist: Klonopin, 4 mgs daily, Aderall 20 mgs daily, celexa and sapharis 10 mg once a day. I abuse the aderall and am addicted to painkillers. I abuse the klonopin to help with withdrawal ...

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    07:54 - Mar 07, 2014 Drinking and Driving

    I have a co-worker who drinks every day at work, all day long. He doesnt seem to get drunk, but he is also the one who drives me to and from work everyday. Some days he asks me if he can get a shot in the morning before work, at like 830 am!! I am ...

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    08:14 - Mar 06, 2014 How long is inpatient treatment for a painkiller addiction?

    Dr. I have a painkiller addiction and will abuse any controlled substance to avoid withdrawals. I know I need in patient treatment, but cannot have my employer find out. How many days is typical for in patient treatment?

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