Vienna, WV, USA
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8 years ago
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“My son was daignosed adhd in grade school. He was small and picked on in junior high. He was sexually molested over years by my ex-brother in law, starting at age 9. He started using drugs i Jr. High. He was arrested for felonies at age 18 and spents nearly 3.5 years in jail. He got a contractor's lisence and did well for a year or 2. Then he got addicted to vicodin and oxycodone. He has progressed through heroin, suboxone treatment and then adiction to it. Now, he is addicted to suboxone and xanax, I have wiped out my retirement savings paying his bills and getting him out of trouble. I am truly at the end of my rope and I had a series of strokes in September 2011.”
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