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The addiction and alcoholism situation never really seems to get much better in Michigan. For years Michigan has suffered from cocaine, heroin, marijuana and always alcohol; and now there's the devastation of opioids and crystal meth to add onto that pile. There are some very high-quality treatment facilities in Michigan, but unfortunately, Michigan does not support parity legislation and as such insurance providers are not required to provide an equivalent amount of treatment funding for substance abuse treatment as they would for physical health treatment.

There are however other options. For those without insurance and without enough money to self-finance a stay at rehab, the state government will sometimes subsidize your drug treatment care, and you may be eligible for this state-funded drug or alcohol treatment even if you do not currently qualify for Medicaid.

There are also several free or very affordable charity drug and alcohol rehabs throughout the state, and if you have nowhere else to go, they will always take you in. You may not get luxury, but you will get treatment, and you will get better.

If you, a family member, or a friend is in need of government assistance and state-funded addiction treatment, follow this link to select a local branch of the Michigan Office of Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (OROSC) - formerly known as the Bureau of Substance Abuse and Addiction Services (BSAAS). For crisis support visit or just dial 2-1-1 now (if you are in danger, call 911).

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