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Using Prayer in Drug Treatment Heals the Spirit

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The faithful have always prayed to God for assistance in times of crisis and personal despair. With addiction comes a renewed need to restore our working relationship with God, and to better understand His will for our lives. We pray to God to better our ability to resist temptation by removing our shortcomings, and we pray to Him to guide us through recovery and to strengthen us in our battle against relapse.

Prayer heals the soul and gives us resolve and guidance

Although our prayers to God are personal in nature, using prayer in this structured way has proven very effective for almost 100 years through AA and other 12 steps programs, and a basic tenet of the 12 steps philosophy is that human frailty will always lead back to abuse, and that only through prayer with God can we better our lives with His help.

The level of Prayer inclusion in drug treatments will vary with the treatment philosophy as employed, and prayer encouragement is not limited to Christian or other organized religious frameworks. We pray to our "God" as we understand and believe in Him, and we pray that He give us strength and guidance, and allow us to live better lives in service of him.

Christian rehab environments will increase the use of prayer in drug treatment, and will incorporate additional scripture study and prayer sessions for better spiritual strength and understanding; and Christian rehabs using prayer in drug treatment have proven very effective. Because we exist in mind and body, but as well in spirit, a failure to treat the symptoms of any part of our whole can lead us back to abuse. Prayer in drug treatment heals the soul and gives us the resolve and guidance we need to stay away from drug or alcohol abuse.

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