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Drug Rehab

Some Different Types of Drug Rehabs

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An overview of some of the many different types of drug rehabs available

Addiction treatment works best when it’s well matched to the needs and desires of the individual, and so it’s worthwhile to take some time to think about what you want and need from a drug rehab experience and to choose a program that’s going to make you feel comfortable and that’s going to work for you.

Here is a brief overview of some of the different types of drug rehab programs for you to consider.

  • Christian or other faith based drug rehabs –These drug rehabs encourage people to use faith as well as a belief in the power of prayer and the Bible as cornerstones of recovery.
  • Men only or women only – Many people feel more comfortable sharing personal information in single gender groups. Single gender drug rehabs can also focus more exclusively on the issues unique to men’s or women’s experiences (child rearing, issues of masculinity, etc.)
  • Drug Rehab for people with co-occurring mental health conditions – Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses frequently co-occur with addiction. People with a dual diagnosis need integrated treatment for both conditions and so depending on the seriousness of the mental health disorder, may want to consider a drug rehab specializing in the treatment of mental health disorders.
  • Adolescent drug rehabs – Teens don’t do well in treatment with adults; their experiences and understanding of the world differ too greatly from people even a few years older. For best success, adolescents require treatment in a program with peers of a similar age and staffed with professionals experienced in working with troubled teens.
  • Wilderness programs – Outdoor adventure programs are sometimes suitable for teens and young adults with substance abuse issues, particularly for teens that may also have behavioral issues.
  • Executive drug rehabs – More exclusive and luxurious drug rehabs or drug rehab programs. These drug rehabs tend to boast 5 star accommodation, facilities and amenities, and offer a greater degree of privacy and more individual attention from program staff. Executive drug rehabs are more costly, as a result.
  • Charity or very low cost programs – examples include The Salvation Army, The Union Mission, Oxford House and others. Charity or very low cost drug rehabs are often faith based in nature.
  • 12 step or non 12 step programs – Many drug rehabs use the 12 steps as a philosophical framework for treatment. Some drug rehabs offer a program without the 12 steps for those who do not feel comfortable with treatment based on this somewhat spiritual philosophy.
  • Drug rehab for older adults – Drug rehab programs open only to older adults can increase the comfort level of those who share little in common with those 30 or 40 years their junior
  • Drug rehab for professionals (specialty programs for doctors, law and order professionals, lawyers, etc.) – Addiction is an occupational hazard for those from certain professions. Professional drug rehabs allow people who share similar experiences and pressures to recover together, and in more complete privacy.
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