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A comprehensive treatment provider offering residential drug and alcohol rehabs for adult men and women, HIV positive adult men and dual diagnosis teens. Fees are based on a sliding scale relating to family income. In Miami Florida.

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3050 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami-Dade County
33137, United States

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  • Free
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  • Adults
  • Children/ Teenagers

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A large Miami addiction services provider, with an emphasis on HIV reduction and education. Residential programs for men, women, women with children and pregnant women, as well as for men with HIV. Comprehensive therapies, education and vocational training are all offered and payment is determined based on income and ability to pay. Self referrals are welcome, call to set up an appointment for an evaluation.

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2 months, 3 weeks ago

If you want help go with private doctor that has relapse protocols you will have to pay most likely. But better than this place is a punishment based program they will kick you out for any reason they dem necessary leave you with 2 weeks of medication to make themselves feel like they didn't leave you to hit the bricks they will refer you to outer state funded programs that have same policy all they do kick the can down the road. If it's a fact addiction is a disease regardless of health and social consequences the village South didn't get that memo you would be better off finding a job saving money while maintaining you addiction then get private doctor that actually devoted to help you even if you relapse or misuse overuse your meds because you felt a relapse coming. Don't waste 5 + year's like me in a punishment based program like I did. Not worth it your already going through a hard time & your clean time means nothing to them your a number and paycheck for the doctor & staff guaranteed by the state. There's plenty of actual professionals that want to help at reasonable cos the village go to line need to remind you this is a free program if you have questions good forbid a complaint I treated everyone her with respect you can to. Just don't except to get it back in return oh and if your Court ordered village and slip or miss therapy appointment they will definitely get you back in jail in a heartbeat Wonder why? Punishment based rehabs like this have such low success rate imagine that.. find real professionals that are willing to work with you not against you. If village can't kick you out because you've done everything they asked they will find a way believe that. Have documented proof they don't even know when I enrolled in there own program couldn't pay me to take down this feedback. The 2 doctors that work in with this program have nothing but great things to say and respect for that fact they working with a collars around there neck if anything they have very little say in anything witch is utterly disrespectful and disgusting when there at the village and outer facilities to help a problem not add to it. It's 2023 stop kicking people out of rehabs weird thing happens when your willing to help people wanting help not turned away because something you don't like about them that made them seek a facility like this ADDICTION!

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How much did you pay? Free
How did you pay? Free Program
4 months, 3 weeks ago

I really enjoyed the community closeness. It gave me structure, courage and faith!

Clinical Care
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How much did you pay? Free
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