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431 E. Maxwell Street
Jefferson County, KY
40508, United States
  • Age Group
    18 - 99 years

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  • Adults
  • Men-Only

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A model of peer run recovery houses. Normally serves as a transitional home after a detox or a 28 day program.

As a non-profit organization, residents are only expected to contribute to their fair share of the running of the house expenses, and since there are generally between 8-15 people per home, these monthly payments are low enough to be affordable to anyone who can work while in recovery. Residents must only abide by the rules of the home, but if they ever use drugs or alcohol while a resident, they are immediately evicted. Residents may stay as long as they need to, although most stay about 1 year.

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4 months ago

Hi Damon A yeah I'm I'm real real messed up I'm seeking all psychological mental and emotional support and at one point in time I used to struggle with substance abuse but now I believe I'm on the road to recovery and I'm trying to you know further that and not ramble on the way I do so may need to find me some medication because that's a previously said yeah I'm f***** up I'm a very messed up person but I realize that I see that and I'm trying to change it so if you're not going to accept me I can accept myself and you know I hold myself accountable you know so yeah I'm trying to continue my sober living process and come downstairs great facility and yeah me you and the rest of the people that works there staff members enjoy my WellCare and my money and y'all help me not be an addict or so self indulged and confused about s*** not sure if that made sense but I'm an addict my name is Damon

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