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1201 Erie Street
Dallas County, TX
75006, United States
  • 7 Beds
  • Age Group
    18 - 99 years

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  • Women-Only

More about Oxford House - Erie

A model of peer run recovery houses, in Texas there are currently Oxford houses for men and for women, and women with children. Normally serves as a transitional home after a detox or a 28 day program.

As a non-profit organization, residents are only expected to contribute to their fair share of the running of the house expenses, and since there are generally between 8-15 people per home, these monthly payments are low enough to be affordable to anyone who can work while in recovery. Residents must only abide by the rules of the home, but if they ever use drugs or alcohol while a resident, they are immediately evicted. Residents may stay as long as they need to, although most stay about 1 year.

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4 years ago

My daughter stayed at this home 2 months before a relapse. She was honest with the house and they told her she could stay if she went to detox. They took her 2 hours away and then left her there and took her car. When she was release they would not come get her causing a very expense Uber drive home. I personally called to ask the home council to call me and give me their version. I never received a call. If you are looking for integrity or sympathy, this is not the place for you. They will simply kick you when you're down. Disclaimer: I have not attended this house.

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