Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Residential treatment offers high therapeutic intensity, structure and support and lets you focus exclusively on your recovery. Residential treatment makes most sense for people who cannot stay sober for even a few days at home and for those who’ve not found success with treatment on an outpatient basis.

Twelve Oaks Treatment Center, FL
Wilmington Treatment Center, NC
The Camp Recovery Center, CA
Life Center Rehab Facility, VA
Starlite Recovery Treatment Center, TX
Life Healing Treatment Center, NM
Azure Acres Recovery Center Treatment Center, CA
Wellness Resource Recovery Center, FL
Keystone Treatment Center, SD
Bayside Marin Luxury Rehab, CA
White Deer Run Recovery Centers, PA
Sierra Tucson Treatment Center, AZ
Bowling Green Treatment Center, PA
Blue Ridge Mountain Treatment Center, GA
Cascade Treatment Center, WA
Timberline Knolls Treatment Center, IL
Lakeland Treatment Center, MO
Options Treatment Center, IN
Lakeview Treatment Center, GA
Park Royal Hospital Treatment Center, FL
Riverview Treatment Center, AR
The Refuge Treatment Center, FL
Rebound Treatment Center, SC
Longleaf Treatment Center, LA
North Tampa Treatment Center, FL
Riverwoods Treatment Center, GA
Mirror Treatment Center, TN
Acadiana Treatment Center, LA

If you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired – and you just can’t gain control on an outpatient basis, residential treatment may offer the stability, focus and therapeutic intensity you need to make real progress.

Residential treatment can mean anything from a few days of detox and stabilization to long-term rehab and step-down transitional living.

Is residential treatment right for you?

You would likely benefit from residential treatment if:

  • You can’t stay clean and sober for even short periods of time outside of a controlled residential environment.
  • You’ve tried treatment on an outpatient basis on one or more occasions and this did not result in substantial improvement.
  • You don’t have a safe and sober living environment or those you live with do not support your recovery intentions.
  • You have co-occurring addiction and mental illness.

You can have a better life! No matter who you are or what your history, appropriate high quality addiction treatment can help provide the structure and support you need to break free from drug or alcohol use, and the tools you’ll need to stay quit for good.  Make contact now to learn more about the whole range of residential treatment options and to find out if residential treatment makes sense for you.

  • Residential Treatment: Structured residential treatment offers high therapeutic intensity and a low-temptation environment.
  • When Outpatient Isn’t Enough: People who don’t make progress with outpatient treatment should consider higher-intensity residential treatment as a logical next step.
  • A Supportive Environment: Residential treatment is also appropriate in situations where you lack a safe, supportive or sober living environment.

Page last updated Aug 15, 2014

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