Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Women

A women’s only rehab offers a secure, distraction-free and emotionally supportive environment that lets you address issues from your past and present and learn effective skills for the future.

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Timberline Knolls Treatment Center, IL
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Here’s the unfortunate truth – women suffer different addiction consequences, and in most cases, women suffer more

As family caretakers and due to stigma, guilt and shame, women tend to delay addiction treatment for longer and ultimately pay a higher physical, cognitive and emotional price. Don’t let this happen to you; if you need help, make contact now to find a compassionate recovery environment, and begin a lifelong process of change.

Why Single Gender Treatment?

Men and women have distinct addiction experiences, so gender appropriate treatment makes sense; for example, research shows that:

  • Women in treatment are more likely than men to also have co-occurring anxiety, PTSD, depression and eating disorders.
  • Women have unique relapse risks, such as more prevalent untreated childhood trauma, self esteem issues, relationships issues and a greater difficulty breaking ties with loved-ones also abusing drugs and alcohol (often a romantic partner).
  • Women feel more comfortable revealing sensitive personal information in single gender groups.
  • Women form stronger bonds of supportive recovery with peers in a single gender environment.

You can beat addiction, but you have to address emotional issues, unresolved traumas, relationship problems and more before you can truly build a strong life in recovery. A women’s only rehab combines a safe and supportive atmosphere with programming that’s tailored to your unique needs. Don’t wait any longer. Make contact now learn more about how a women’s only rehab can help you achieve your goals.

  • Women Suffer Greater Consqeuences: Addiction causes greater mental and physical health damage in women than it does in men.
  • Co-Occurring Disorders: Women with addiction issues are more likely than men to also suffer co-occuring anxiety, PTSD, depression and eating disorders.
  • Feeling Safe and Supported: Women often feel more comfortable revealing sensitive personal information in single gender groups.
  • Unique Relapse Risks: Women must face unique relapse risk factors, like self esteem issues and/or difficulty severing ties with others abusing drugs or alcohol.

Page last updated Jul 31, 2014

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