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Long Term Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Longer stays in treatment equate to better outcomes. No matter what your situation and no matter what your history, you can build a rewarding abuse-free life. Three or more months of treatment gives you the time you need to separate from the past, practice essential skills and prepare for the future.

Life Healing Treatment Center, NM
Sunrise Ranch (Men) Recovery Center, CA
White Deer Run Recovery Centers, PA
Bowling Green Treatment Center, PA
Blue Ridge Mountain Treatment Center, GA
Timberline Knolls Treatment Center, IL
Lakeland Treatment Center, MO
The Refuge Treatment Center, FL

Addiction is a brain disease. You can heal but healing takes time and until your thinking and impulse control systems normalize you’re at elevated risk of relapse. By staying in a safe substance-free environment for 3 or more months you give your brain enough time to begin the healing process – and this greatly increases your long term recovery odds.

Other benefits of long term rehab include:

  • Enough time to learn and consolidate essential recovery skills, like cravings management, problem solving and stress reduction.
  • More time to focus on improving physical and mental health – without everyday life distractions to worry about.
  • The luxury of sufficient time for a gradual reintegration to the 'real world' - with stepped exposure to temptation and independent living.

Addiction treatment provides the tools you need to stay clean and sober for good. With longer treatment you have more time to learn and master these essential skills and you give your body and brain ample time to rebuild and recover.

You can have a better life and what’s three months compared to the rest of your days? If shorter treatment hasn’t worked, commit to healing and success with long term rehab. Make contact now and begin your journey to better health and happiness.

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  • Brain Healing: If you can’t maintain even short periods of abstinence you never give your brain a chance to heal. Living in a substance-free environment helps you build that initial base of abstinence.
  • Better Outcomes: Research shows that treatment stays of 3 months and longer work better than shorter periods of addiction treatment.
  • Learning and Consolidating Essential Skills: With time and uninterrupted focus you have a great opportunity to learn the essential skills that help you avoid relapse.
  • Gradual Transitions: With longer treatment stays you can reintegrate more gradually, gently increasing your exposure to temptation as you practice the skills you’ve been learning.

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