somerset, PA, USA
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9 years ago
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“I was doctor addicted to opiates due to a surgery.”
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tes72's Most Recent Activity on Choose Help

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    12:48 - Jan 30, 2017 Methadone on Private Insurance

    I am not on Medicaid I live between Johnstown and Greensburg Pa. We spend 800$ month for 12 mili a day due to the fact they don't take private insurance. I do not think this is fair while others get paid for their fuel and meds by the state on ...

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    01:45 - Jul 22, 2016 Methadone on Private Insurance for the Employed

    Iam on 12 mili methadone daily. My hausband and I work instead of living off the state. it costs us 800$ a month between fuel and med. I see all these people on Medicaid get free med and fuel pay back; this is not fair. It is like the state does not ...

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    01:57 - Jan 20, 2014 Subutex

    ok im the one that was on 12 im on 10 now it sucks sometimes not as bad as full blown i will call my insurance thanks for the advice what is subutex is that from a doctor are you a doctor here o and the girl that asked about decrease 2 mili a week ...

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