Elana Winfrey

Elana Winfrey

Atlanta, GA, USA
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8 years ago
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Life Is Worth Living Because...
“it's YOUR life and you have the opportuntity to define it for yourself, make it AWESOME.”
My Story
“Love helping people! I was a Girl Scout from 1st grade through High School graduation. Class President 11th and 12th grade. I am a community volunteer, and avid Sorority member. I'm a wife and mother of 4 children; ages 3 to 18 (as of 01/2012 : ).

I have worked in various agencies with a variety of adult and teens populations (visit my LinkedIn profile to see my experience). I have been a mental health professional since 1997, and acquired my professional license as a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Georgia in 2002.

I Love social media technology communication! Which is why I provide most services via the use of technology (AKA- eTherapy). I also have found that community-based work is much more effective than services provided in my office; because I get to meet you in YOUR natural environment where you function every day. So, I come to YOU. if needed, for various reasons, I will meet with you in my office.

So call me TODAY if you are ready for CHANGE.”
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