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“we don't give love to get love; we give love to become love.”
My Story
“Well, I'm 21 years old. I have anorexia, and a dissociative disorder nos. I also struggle with social phobia, depression, GAD, and PTSD, but none of those diagnoses are me; there are days now that I do try my hardest to remember that I am not my disorders.

Currently, I am in treatment for the eating disorder and trauma, and though I am trying to keep my chin up through the roughest of treatment, self-destruction is winning more times than not, and my hope seems to be deflating..

I've officially determined that I find that helping people who suffer in any way is the best form of healing to me. I've been told it's called care-taking and that it's not good. I say, you've got a problem? Bring it on.

I'm on a medical leave from college, where I have about another year until I receive a double major in Psychology and Early Childhood Development. I want to work with kids with any sort of mental disorder or who are coming from a bad situation. I'd probably give the whole world a hug if I could.
I love to write. to dance, to read; language and psychobabble fascinate me. Before all of this, I used to love to travel, to play with my lab-huskie mix, to knit (which is off-and-on a great coping skill for me). I don't know, I'm sort of boring, but anyone who can hold an intellectual conversation holds my interest, and I'm always willing to listen.
Having been in and out (mostly in) treatment for three years, I feel like I've missed a lot of my life, so I don't know much about who I am or what I like or want in life. But I'll figure it out along the way...

Also, I think I got the point across that I truly love to help people and I love to listen, so please, feel free to drown me in your troubles. Also, I've got no 'awkwardness radar,' so I don't notice awkwardness. So really, feel free to ask me anything you want, within approporiate reason..

And if you try to add me on FACEBOOK and I do not know who you are/you don't tell me you know me through here; I'm undoubtedly *not* going to accept you...sorry.
But seriously, most of my alters are pretty awesome and I'd probably like to know you.”
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