Jessi Blayze

Jessi Blayze

Plainview, TX
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Life Is Worth Living Because...
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My Story
“i'm not a perfect girl,my hair dosen't always stay in one place,& i spill things ALOT im pretty clumsy. sometimes i have a broken heart, my friends & i sometimes fight, maybe some days things may always go wrong,but thats just me& i<3 my life.(:

Well...theres alot to say so lemmy break it down for you(: My name is jessi blayze, i love JESUS i lovee my phone and my makeup i love my friends and famILY and my dog(: i love it wen people give me complements even if i dont always agree(: ha i eat allll the time but im not fat. im always on the computer,i love jewlry and clothes. i hate it wen people lie to me the truth may be ugly but i'll respect you no matter wat the trut is, i hate it wen guystry to ac like gangsters, i hate it wen my boyfrann dosnt want to meet my parents,and i absolutly hate it wen guys are jerks, i hate it wen people play their gay mexican music to loud in their crappy car and act like a "gee" i love body piercings(: and i love you(: i love time and i love to spend all of it to the fullest i love coffee and monsters i love music and i love showers(: i love trying new things and i love everything about this messed up world. i STRONGLY believe in love i believe everyone HAS to love something or some one no matter wat or who it is, the world in my eyes litterly makes the world go round, i believe in trust i think trust is the base of love, i believe coffee should be dark as hell strong as death and sweet as love(: i believe the world is a very messed up place but i love it i believe if the world wasn't as messed up as it is and if it was perfect then what do we have to look forward to wen we get to heven? (: but thats just me, i believe in every little detail of the bible. and thats pretty much it
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