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“was misdiagnosed by dr. put on bipolar meds when what i really had was situational depession. Anyway, to make a long story short. the wrong meds given to me for six years turned me into a crazy person and an alcoholic. I stopped the meds after 6 years and after coming back to reality, the damage I did to my life sent me into shock basically. I developed anxiety from it and needed something to keep my anxiety down because I was in a constant state of panic over what the meds had done. So i was put on klonopin daily dose of .5mg twice a day. I have tried to get off twice and I simply cannot handle it even after doing a 3 month taper and making it down to .0625mg once in the morning. That is 1/8 of a .5mg and stabilized on that for 4 weeks. I couldn't cut any smaller than that and so I jumped off at .0625mg. I lasted two days before the anxiety sent me into a panic. had to updose back to .5mg twice a day and it took 5 days to feel stable again. I don't think any treatment center can taper someone properly like that. quick detoxes from benzos rarely work and every center that I have looked up does a 7-14 day detox which is not only dangerous but usually will end up giving someone protracted withdrawal hallucinations and what not. Anyway,.. just looking for a place that does long term rehab and tapering off of the benzo klonopin.”
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    09:59 - Mar 01, 2014 I'm having problems stopping Klonopin

    trying to find a rehab that is long term. I take klonopin for anxiety daily at a low dose and do not abuse it, however I cannot get off of it. I have tried many times and failed. i tapered over 3 months got down to .0625mg (which is 1/8 of a ...

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