Brian Good

Brian Good

Drug & Alcohol Interventionist
450 Alton Rd #1102
Miami Beach, FL, USA 33139
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About My Work
“Drug and alcohol interventionist, 17 years clean and sober, with a passion for helping others.”
My Story
“I have been in the addiction recovery field for over 20 years. My decision to be a drug interventionist was at the suggestion of friends and family who have watched me work with other recovering alcoholics and addicts over the years. I'm known for "taking my time" with the toughest addicts and allowing them to make the decision to be willing to recover on their own. My preference is to get in the trenches with my clients and help them make the best decision for themselves.”
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Years in Practice: 3 Years
Other Credentials: License, N/A, N/A, 1900

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