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Find rehabs and addiction treatment in New Hampshire

For too many families in New Hampshire, addiction to opioids and other substances is a daily reality. New Hampshire has the third-highest rate of per capita drug overdose deaths in the United States, mostly from fentanyl, either alone or in combination with other drugs. Meth is another big problem in New Hampshire, and so are cocaine, crack, heroin and prescription pills. Alcoholism, too, remains one of New Hampshire's most serious substance abuse challenges.

If you have comprehensive private health insurance like a PPO plan, there are several exclusive and high-quality drug and alcohol rehabs in New Hampshire. If you don't have private health insurance and are unable to pay for drug rehab, there are also several affordable drug and alcohol rehabs in operation.

Additionally, the state of New Hampshire provides some drug and alcohol treatment funding for those with low incomes. If you or someone you know is experiencing an addiction-related crisis and would like to talk to someone, call 2-1-1 now to learn of your eligibility for state-funded drug treatment. Please also review the list of free or affordable drug rehabs within the state.

You can get help (even if you don’t have a lot of money).

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