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Nebraska has suffered an explosion in meth addiction over the last years, and cocaine, heroin, prescription pills and alcoholism all pose serious challenges to the state. Nebraska offers some parity legislation, and insurance companies - with some exceptions - are required to offer funding for needed drug and alcohol treatment, including stays at drug and alcohol rehabs.

For those without comprehensive private health insurance, the Nebraska State Government will fund some drug and alcohol treatment, and additionally, there are several affordable drug and alcohol rehabs throughout the state.

Addiction treatment and recovery programs are available throughout Nebraska. Local service agencies provide programming using many sources of income. To be eligible for state-funding from the Nebraska Division of Behavioral Health, an individual and/or family may not be on Medicaid or Medicare, nor have private insurance. Treatment services include outpatient, inpatient and residential programs. Recovery services include housing, peer and other supports. For more information, call the Nebraska DBH infoline (402) 471-7818.

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