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Mississippi has long been battling the prevalence of crack cocaine and crystal meth - the state's biggest problem-drugs. In addition, alcoholism and prescription pill addiction - particularly to oxycontin - remain ever-present threats. Thankfully, in addition to exclusive private drug and alcohol rehabs in Mississippi, there are affordable or even free drug rehabs throughout the state. These non-profit drug rehabs will provide care as they are able, without regard to your ability to pay for services.

The State of Mississippi also subsidizes drug and alcohol treatment for those in need, and some people may be able to get state-funded care, even if they cannot get Medicaid. The Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Services is responsible for alcohol and drug treatment and recovery services in Mississippi, including addiction prevention, and long-term rehabilitation. This includes a network of state-operated facilities, regional community mental health centers, and other nonprofit community-based programs. There are also several other public and private agencies that provide state-funded prevention, treatment, and recovery support services.

For more information about state-funded services, call the Mississippi Department of Mental Health Helpline at 1-877-210-8513. Staff are available around the clock.

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