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Addiction is a hidden epidemic. A disease most often suffered alone, in silence and within the family. In Kansas, almost 20,000 people will seek professional in- or outpatient rehab treatment for their addictions or alcoholism this year, and the sad truth is that a far greater number in need of treatment will not.

Kansas suffers from meth as does much of the Midwest, cocaine and heroin pervade whilst alcohol addiction and marijuana abuse make up the majority of chemically dependent. More recently, many in Kansas battle with addictions to opioids.

Kansas unfortunately does not offer strong insurance parity laws, and the result is that too often in Kansas, even people with good health insurance will find that their insurance provider offers minimal support for drug rehab and treatment.

Fortunately, even those people with little money to manage the cost of rehab, and without comprehensive PPO insurance coverage, can find affordable or even free drug rehabs in Kansas. Additionally, the state may fund drug treatment costs. You may be eligible for funding even if you do not qualify for Medicaid.

Everyone in Kansas can get help. If you need drug treatment, you can get it and you can get it at a price you can afford.

The Kansas Behavioral Health Services Commission manages mental health services in the state, working with 26 community mental health centers across Kansas.

In order to be assessed for appropriate addiction treatment, please contact Beacon Health Options at 1-866-645-8216 and select option 2.

Call 911 for immediate medical emergencies, or 211 for non-emergencies.

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