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HOW-TO-QUIT-Hardcover-Book-MockUp2-1.pngHow to Quit Tramadol

Quitting Tramadol can be a physical and mental health nightmare – but it doesn’t have to be – with information, a reasonable plan and an understanding of basic withdrawal management, getting tramadol-free becomes an easily achievable goal.

  • Find specific taper plans that minimize withdrawal symptoms.
  • Learn how to make minute dose reductions to avoid sudden drops.
  • Find tips and home-remedy solutions for minimizing and coping  with withdrawal symptoms.
  • Learn more about treatment options to consider (though most people can do this without professional help.)

Living With An Addict Ebook »

Ebook: Living With An AddictYou Can Get Them to Stop! Forget about rock bottom… it's a myth! You never have to watch a loved one sink deeper into abuse and addiction.

You can get them into treatment; you can help them during and after treatment and you can make sure that they stay clean and sober for life. You can make a difference!

  • How bad is it? Learn how to diagnose the extent of the problem.
  • Understand why they can’t just stop.
  • Understand that you can get them to stop, and learn exactly how to do it!
  • Learn how to run an intervention that's going to work!
  • Understand what type of treatment they need, and learn how to find treatment you can afford!
  • Learn how to choose a great rehab, and avoid a bad one!
  • Learn how you can keep them sober after rehab…guaranteed!
  • Learn what unique therapies are needed for gays and lesbians, seniors, psychiatric patients and pregnant women.

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Parent’s Guide To Teenage Drug Abuse & Prevention »

Ebook: Parent’s Guide To Teenage Drug AbuseParents... Don’t Let Drugs Take it All Away! You can save their lives, literally save their lives. No parent ever regrets overreacting to the threat of drugs…too many only wish they had done more, before things got so tragic.

Nothing equals the heartache of teen addiction. Teens are vulnerable, they experiment and they get caught in something that they can't get out of on their own. Parents need to protect them, they need to be able to spot substance abuse, and they need to know what to do to make it stop. Teens will rarely ask for our help…but they're counting on it!

  • Learn 5 things that you can do to keep teens off drugs and alcohol!
  • Learn 15 give away signs of experimentation with drugs…signs that you’re going to miss!
  • Learn what your irritable daughter is really telling you when she stays in her room for hours.
  • Know exactly what to do when you do learn of drug use. Learn how you can stop it!
  • Find out about drug testing. Learn the pros and cons, and learn how teens beat the tests!
  • Know about the specific risks of marijuana, it's worse than you think.
  • Know that crystal meth is in your child's school. Know how to catch your teen using it…before it’s too late.

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Marijuana Addiction Ebook »

Marijuana Addiction EbookMarijuana eventually will drag you down – and it can be tough to break free from it. Marijuana when taken in moderation has little risks to health or quality of life, and we have no desire to scaremonger, mislead or participate in the propagation of half-truth and myth about the use of the drug.

Marijuana when smoked heavily, daily and in great quantities becomes a very harmful drug, and in addition to the risks of addiction, there are legitimate threats to health, to mental performance and to overall quality of life. We do want to inform of these legitimate and worrisome consequences of a heavy marijuana habit.

Within this book we strive to answer a lot of the questions we at ChooseHelp get everyday about the use and abuse of marijuana.

Questions like:

  • What is marijuana, and how is it smoked?
  • How addictive is marijuana?
  • Am I addicted to marijuana?
  • What are the symptoms of marijuana detox?
  • How can I get through detox on my own?
  • If I can’t do it on my own, what are some marijuana treatment options?
  • What are the real risks of marijuana?
  • Is marijuana medicine?

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Free and Affordable Drug Rehab Guide »

the-complete-guide-to-affordable-drug-alcohol-rehabNo Money? No Insurance? No Problem! Get into rehab, even with no money! Everyone can check into rehab, and with 1,500 free or almost free drug and alcohol rehabs waiting to help you across the nation, even if you have no money, you can get into rehab... you can get in tomorrow! But you need to know exactly where to go for help.

  • Find a free or low-cost rehab near you!
  • More than 1,500 free rehabs across the country to choose from!
  • Learn how to get state-funded rehab!
  • Find out how to get what you deserve from your insurance company!
  • Find out how you can get credit for rehab!
  • Learn how to pick a great rehab on any budget, and how to avoid low quality!
  • Do you even need rehab? Learn what you really need to get better!
  • Do you need medical detox?
  • Learn how you can get a loved one into rehab. You can get them sober!
  • Learn exactly what family can do to help before, during and after rehab!
  • No relapse - learn how to stay clean and sober after rehab!

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