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Whether from heroin abuse, alcohol, cocaine or prescription pill addiction, Delaware as a whole, and countless individual families, suffer greatly from the pains and heartache of substance abuse and addiction. Current healthcare legislation mandates that insurance companies treat addiction treatment needs as equal to physical health treatment needs, and Delaware residents with a good (PPO) health insurance plan should find that their provider will fund much if not all of their inpatient treatment at one of Delaware's top private rehab centers.

You will find several excellent drug and alcohol treatment centers in Delaware, operating quality rehab programs. For those without health insurance and the means to pay for rehab, Delaware also offers several facilities for free or nearly free drug and alcohol treatment.

Have the courage to get better. Have the courage to find a drug rehab and learn what it takes to get clean and sober for life. Drug treatment works, and you need not suffer through drug addiction or alcoholism any more.

For government assistance, please contact the DHSS' Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health on 855-649-7944, or just visit their website for consumer advice.

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