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Colorado offers a good cross section of addiction treatment centers for those wanting to overcome their addictions and better their lives; and although many are very expensive, high-quality and luxurious facilities, there also exists a number of drug and alcohol rehabs that provide services at very low cost - or even no cost - to those in need.

Drug addiction and alcoholism bring only pain, and drug rehab or drug treatment teach of a better way. You don’t have to suffer through drugs or alcohol any longer; drug rehab works, and through evidence-based therapies you can learn how to get off and stay off! Find a drug rehab that fits your needs (Christian drug rehab, long-term drug rehab, teen drug rehab…) and retake your health and happiness.

No one in Colorado, whether in Denver or rural mountain up country, needs to suffer through addiction. There are treatment services available and accessible to all; whatever your financial situation and whatever your health insurance covers.

Everyone in Colorado can get better. Take the first step toward a better life, and get into drug or alcohol treatment today.

For government assistance, please call the Colorado Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division at (303) 866-7400. Follow this link to apply for Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) and/or the Child Health Plan. A special program is offered to pregnant women who have alcohol and/or drug abuse problems, called Special Connections.

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