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Caught Smoking Crack on Video - Amy Winehouse Checks into Drug Rehab

posted 06:01 AM EST, Fri January 25, 2008

Amy Winehouse could deny it no longer - after a weekend video showed her smoking crack cocaine hours before a court appearance, the singer has checked into a London drug rehab

Hugely talented and very troubled Amy Winehouse, has checked into rehab.

While her destructive addiction to drugs and alcohol has been tabloid fodder for months, a video published over the weekend in the UK that shows Winehouse apparently smoking crack late Friday night seems to have broken the back of her determined stand against drug rehab.

Winehouse has attempted two previous stints in drug treatment, exiting early from rehab both times. Now admitted at the Capio Nightingale Hospital, a London based mental health institution no stranger to celebrity clients (Kate Moss is a recent alumnus) her record label reports that she has recognized her need for professional addictions help, and is ready to begin a road to recovery.

Winehouse made an early Saturday appearance in court, supporting her jailed husband on charges of subverting justice and assault, and her disheveled appearance led real credibility to the later released video, purporting to show her smoking crack only hours before.

Winehouse faces her own legal troubles, charged and due in court for marijuana possession in Norway and unlikely to receive a visa to the US for the upcoming Grammy's with drug charges lingering.

The singer, called "the hope for the future of music" by Mary J. Blige, walked into the London hospital escorted by a bodyguard, and her outspoken father - her father having publicly considered having her committed for her own safety in recent weeks.

Winehouse herself cancelled her last UK tour in October, after a series of poor and erratic performances left many speculating about the intensity of her drug use. She had been scheduled to perform this coming weekend at an award show in France, an appearance since cancelled for health reasons.

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