AION Recovery offers Individualized Care

The care you receive will be based around you. AION Recovery DOES NOT take a one-size fits all approach.

AION treats the whole person!

AION have built an amazing activities program including surfing, snorkeling, golfing, fishing on its onsite lake, basketball, cycling, video games tournaments, paintball, and even a music group where clients record edit and produce their own music.

AION believes recovery is more than groups and counseling. Clients need to relearn how to live life without drugs and alcohol. When a client has been abusing drugs they lose interest in things that once brought them joy. Having fun is not an elective in recovery, AION believes it is vital. They have built an amazing activities program that includes surfing, snorkeling, golfing, fishing, basketball, cycling, movies, video game tournaments, paintball, bowling and even a music group where clients record, edit and produce their own music.

Holistic care at AION means treating the mind body and spirit. Clients have access to medical staff 24 hours a day. AION's medical staff works with clients to help them plan nutritional and physical goals. Exercise and healthy physical activity is also important in treating the effects of post-acute withdrawal. Clients have access to a complete gym, band strength training and are encouraged to supplement treatment with positive physical activity. Clients have weekly massage and chiropractic services as well as traditional yoga and 12-step recovery yoga.

AION Recovery’s running club Team Runners High is a running club of clients, staff, and alumni of the AION program. The club is actively involved in marathons, fun runs, obstacle course runs, and triathlons.

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