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Our Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs offer professional addiction treatment that is based on the Scriptures. In addition to regular therapy, we will mend the spiritual void left by substance abuse. Our Christian rehab programs further provide an introduction to living sober through the help of Jesus Christ, and using faith-based principles in everyday life. Our counselors all have experience in Christian addiction treatment and recovery.

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A Christian rehab program does not abandon what is effective about secular rehab, and Christian drug and alcohol rehab will use medical treatment where appropriate, as well as counseling, cognitive behavioral modification therapy and peer group sessions; but where it differs is through the additional use of the scriptures, and the power of Jesus Christ to heal the spiritual destruction of an addiction, as well as heal the spiritual absence that allowed the addiction to occur in the first place.

Detox in Christian Rehab

Patients entering a Christian rehab center may be physically dependent on drugs or alcohol, and these people will need to first undergo a medically supervised period of detoxification. Christian rehab embraces medical science and uses all available tools to see an addict through this difficult transitional period, as safely and humanely as possible. The detox process is the first necessary step on the road to recovery, and in Christian rehab, patients will be medically monitored and prescribed any medications possible to ease their suffering. Only when physical dependency has ended with detox, can the spiritual healing begin.

Secular Techniques in Christian Rehab

The philosophy behind Christian rehab is that traditional methods of rehabilitation are a necessary and worthy part of the process to recovery, but although they are effective and necessary, they alone do not offer the addict enough. As such, a Christian rehab program will share many procedural similarities with a more conventional rehabilitation program.

Drug Education

Educational programs are a part of all rehab programs, and it is vital that an addict better understand dependency, what happens to the body during dependency, and how best to avoid future dependency. All rehab centers emphasize educational seminars that offer knowledge and strength to the addict, and Christian rehab programs are no exception. Education and knowledge empowers the addict and prevents relapse.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapies

Christian rehab increases the probability of a successful reintegrated to society through cognitive strategies designed to change behaviors, and lessen the likelihood of relapse. Cognitive therapy roots out the triggers that lead to abuse, teaches needed life skills to avoid these situations, teaches coping strategies for when confronted with triggers to use, and calls for personal responsibility and accountability when getting into risky situations. Cognitive behavioral therapy gives an addicted person the skill set needed to stay drug and alcohol free over the long term, by minimizing temptation.

The Christian Rehab Difference

The Lord's PromiseAlthough the above therapeutic programs will be found at all rehab centers, both Christian and secular, Christian rehab offers additional spiritual help and teachings to those people who have accepted Christ as their savior, and want the strength of God's love to help them help themselves. Only by healing the spiritual can true recovery begin.

Christian rehab programs follow the twelve step philosophy of alcoholics anonymous (AA) in their treatment but where AA simply calls for participants to submit to a Higher Power, Christian rehab recognizes that the Higher Power is Jesus Christ, and that only by submitting to the strength and love of Jesus Christ, is rehabilitation possible.

By submitting to the will of God, and by admitting to bodily weaknesses before God, participants begin the path to spiritual recovery. Addiction is a disease, and only by an acceptance that we are powerless over our disease, and need the strength and guidance of Jesus Christ, is a life free from drugs or alcohol possible.

The Use of Scriptures and Prayer

A spiritual defect leads to addiction, and only through learning to love God, accept God's love, and live a better life for God, can recovery and fulfillment begin.

Christian rehab uses prayer as tool towards recovery, and the scriptures are used to give strength to people suffering the spiritual despair of addiction. The scriptures teach God's love, that weakness before God is forgiven, and that by living a better life as God wishes; our previous transgressions are forgotten.

The scriptures will be used in classes, group study sessions, and for private reflection. The word of God comforts the addict, and the addict learns that they are not alone, they are loved by God, and that by accepting God's love and guidance, recovery is possible. Through private study, reflection, and peer group classes on the scriptures and how they apply to addiction and recovery, addicts learn to use the word of God for strength; and how to use the Bible for resolve when they face future temptation.

Christian Family Involvement

Christian rehab emphasizes the family element of recovery, and as such the immediate family and loved ones of the addict will be called upon to participate in the process, through group sessions and educational seminars. The Christian recovery process recognizes the strength of a loving and supportive family and church community. Christian rehab works to heal the family together, and thus give the addict the family support and strength they need to help them live a better life in the eyes of god, and for family.

Individual Christian Therapy

Christian rehab offers private counseling with a spiritual advisor, who will also be an addiction specialist or psychologist. A private therapy session helps the addict to understand why they've acted as they have, and how to use God's love, prayers and Faith on the road to recovery. Christian counseling helps an addict surrender their will to God and learn how to use God's strength as their strength. Christian therapy helps to mend a broken spirit, while also giving the tools and skills needed to take God into their heart, and how to use God's love in everyday life for healthy and drug or alcohol living. Christian therapy emphasizes that addicts have the choice to live a glorious new life under god without drugs or alcohol, and teaches them how to do this. Christian therapy sessions will take place as often as is needed.

Christian Peer Group Therapy

Peer group sessions between addicts are very effective, and can encourage a dependent person with the knowledge that their private torments are in fact shared by others, and also through the fellowship of other people facing the same private struggles as they are. Christian peer therapy calls for soul searching on the spiritual void that led to the initial drug or alcohol abuse, and through fellowship, Christian addicts learn how to use God's love and strength to maintain a resolve to live good Christian drug and alcohol free lives.

Christian Rehab Mends the Spirit

A Christian rehab program takes in a broken spirit, desperate for God's love. After a medical detox is complete, classes, counseling, family involvement and peer group classes teach the addict how to take Jesus Christ into their heart, and use His strength to stay off drugs.

Christian rehab uses the bible for study, reflection and solace; teaches addicts that the problems they face are generations old, and that God has already forgiven them, loves them and wants them to use his Love to live better lives for god and family.

Christian rehab uses the strength of Faith, the family, and the fellowship of other addicts in the Christian community to give the tools needed to stay off drugs over the long term. Through private study, counseling and reflection, Christians learn what caused their problem, and how to use the scriptures and prayer as strength in the future.

12 step programs are the most effective path to recovery, and all 12 step programs call for Faith in a higher power towards recovery. Christian rehab recognizes that this higher power is Jesus Christ, and that by Faith in God, a submission of will to God, and a desire to live a better life for God; recovery is possible.

Christian rehab mends the spiritual soul, and allows for a fulfilling Christian life before God, without drugs or alcohol.

Our Christian rehab treatment is becoming more and more popular. Contact Choose Help's caring counselors today to find out more about your treatment options and to join our program.

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  • Jesus Christ: Additional use of the scriptures alongside traditional treatment
  • Minimizing Temptation: Cognitive strategies designed to change behaviors
  • Mending the Spirit: Accepting Jesus Christ into your heart
  • 12 Steps: God's love and strength to maintain a resolve to live good Christian lives

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