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I am dis-inhibited (out of control)!

answered 07:13 AM EST, Sat July 09, 2011
Steve Martino Steve Martino Colorado Springs
I frequently get into trouble for doing outrageous things. I can't seem to stop myself from feeling over-confident. It never occurred to me that it may create real problems for myself, until a few week ago, I was arrested early Sunday morning for walking up to a cop outside the police station and starting a conversation about the importance of anarchy and unarmed combat.

You may say this wasn't a smart move. I grant you that - but nothing is funnier than an upset cop early in the morning. Why should I just play by the rules? The judge ordered me to get counseling.

Now, I don't consider myself "ill"... just because I don't play by the rules I am told to seek treatment... what do you think... am I crazy? What would you do if you were me?


Art Matthews Says...

O.K. So you don't consider yourself ill, you just like to piss people off in a way that causes you to suffer consequences that you don't like and are now coming back to haunt you. What's that all about? People who are often observed engaging in the kind of behavior you report can be mentally or physically ill or they can have a Personality Disorder. Now I'm not saying you are any of those things, I'm explaining why a judge might suggest you get an evaluation and counseling because she or he thinks that perhaps there's an underlying medical issue, substance abuse issue, psychosis, mania or antisocial personality disorder going on.

If I were you, I would meet the requirements of the court and try to be open minded about what the therapist says. The thrill of shocking people goes away when the consequences exceed the payoff.

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