Addiction & Neglect: 13 Signs That You Need to Intervene
© Rachel gardner

Children living with drug or alcohol addicted parents may experience neglect and endangerment. Here are 13 situations that warrant outside intervention.

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When Addiction Counselors Relapse: Overcoming Professional Obstacles to Recovery © Danielle Zeda

Substance abuse counselors are supposed to take a whole year off after relapse. Don't these people also need to eat and pay bills? Here's a different approach to getting treatment and getting better - without losing everything.

The Importance of Harm Reduction Programs: Why Abstinence-Only Programs Aren’t Enough © Paulgi

Some drug users are ready and willing to get help and to quit using for good. Unfortunately, abstinence isn’t an option for the vast majority who cannot or will not quit at this moment. Recognizing this, harm reduction programs exist to minimize the health, economic and social costs of drug use at the personal and community levels.

Alcohol Policies and Laws to Reduce Alcohol-Related Harms – Which Programs Work and Which Programs Don’t © Pixie Clipx

Although a legal substance, a lot of legislation regulates how we can buy, sell and consume alcohol – and this is understandable, since alcohol misuse costs Americans an estimated $223.5 billion per year. Find out what types of alcohol polices actually work well to reduce the harms of excessive alcohol use and which ones – though they may sound good – do not work very well at all.

American DUI – The Ugly Truths © Vikisuzan

Although drunk driving isn’t as common as it was 20 years ago, well over 10 000 Americans are still killed every year in alcohol involved traffic accidents, and if you’re driving around after midnight on a Friday night, then about 5% of those driving around you are over the legal limit. In all, drunk drivers take 159 million perilous and sometimes tragic driving trips in America each year.

Binge Drinking: Health and Societal Costs © A Tai

Binge drinking is bad for you and bad us. When you binge drink you put yourself at an increased risk of accidents, trauma and assault, and when you binge drink regularly your risks for a host of chronic disease go up substantially; but binge drinking affects more than the individual alone, at the societal level, binge drinking costs Americans well over $100 billion dollars per year.

Addiction and Health Care Costs © United Nations Photo

Why cuts to addiction treatment funding may not save money in the short, medium or long term - Uncovering the hidden long term health care costs of untreated addiction.

Drugs and Prisons © Prisoner 159753

The number of Americans imprisoned on drug offenses, the cost of keeping them within the corrections system and the racial disparity of this offender population.

Medical Marijuana; the Facts © Troy Holden

Is marijuana good or bad, and if it offers so much to people with cancer, AIDS and multiple sclerosis...why does it remain illegal? Learn the facts, the benefits and the risks, and learn why medical marijuana faces some significant challenges to acceptance and legality.

Your Legal Rights To Confidential Drug Treatment © Mr. T. in DC

You have a legal right to confidential treatment, and you cannot be discriminated against on the job, in the housing market, or for access to any governmental programs. Find out what your rights are, and get help today.

Infectious Disease Risks Associated with Drug Use and Abuse © Zoriah

Unfortunately, the damage done through drug abuse far exceeds the sometimes substantial destruction of the drug alone, and can also include infectious diseases and other health risks. Don't risk your health and happiness for a few hours of dwindling pleasure; get help and get better today.

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  • The Economic Costs of Addiction: Were substance abuse a ‘budget category’ it would rank the sixth biggest federal government expense
  • Addiction as Moral Weakness: The stigma of addiction hampers the recovery efforts of too many. Although some may view addiction as a moral failing or form of weakness, doctors and scientists will tell us that it is instead a very treatable brain disease.
  • Treatment Rights: Although you may think that you can’t get time off for treatment, federal law says that you have the right and that your employer can’t stop or sanction you
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