Recovering Teens: 7 Ways to Improve Communication

Parental support is a necessary component of teen addiction recovery, but you can’t have full support until you build real communication; learn how to improve your parent-teen communication skills ...

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Is Your Teen a Narcissist? Learn the Warning Signs and Treatment Options © Anna Marie Gearhart

If an adolescent acts entitled, grandiose and self obsessed, does that mean she's a narcissist? Maybe...but probably not. Learn the differences between normal traits of teen development and those of narcissistic personality disorder.

Thriving as a Family when Addiction or Mental Illness Brings Adult Children Home Again © Michael Tapp

Supporting our adult children in this day and age often means allowing them to move back home for a time. In the case of addictions and mental illness, we sometimes find that the love of parents is exploited or simply taken for granted. Here are tips on thriving as a family when adult children come back home again.

Anger Does Not Demonstrate Parenting Authority © Giulia di Filippo

Anger has no place in discipline. It does not assert authority nor does it ensure that you've been heard. Learn better ways to communicate with your children.

Fixing a Troubled Parent-Teen Relationship - 10 Easy Steps to Better Interactions © Mighty Mighty Bigmac

After getting into trouble with drugs or alcohol (or behavior problems) your teen child needs you more than ever. Unfortunately, the negativity that accompanies these situations often poisons the parent-child relationship to a point where it’s hard to effectively parent. Here are 10 easy ways to repair the damage.

What to Do When Your Teen Child Hates You © Cotidad

Don't take it personally. Children and their relationships to their parents change as they go through different developmental stages. Being aware of this allows a parent to adapt to this as well as to not take things personally when they shouldn’t.

Giving Ultimatums to Teens – A Word of Caution © Erin Leigh Mcconnel

Parenting a teen can be frustrating. Parents often get frustrated and when they are not thinking clearly may resort to issuing an ultimatum. There are serious cautions around this and better strategies for parents to try.

Teen Conduct Disorder – Understanding Abnormally Bad Behavior © 96dpi

Having serious trouble with a teen son or daughter that includes heavy drinking or drug use and problems with violence, bullying or law breaking, extreme deceit and a disregard for the rules of the house and even the rules of society? If yes, you may have a child with conduct disorder and the drinking and drug use may be just a symptom of this treatable mental illness.

Adolescent Mental Health – When to Seek Professional Help © Pixel Addict

How can you differentiate between normal adolescent behaviors and those that indicate a more serious problem? Here are some guidelines from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry on when to seek help and what warning signs to be on the lookout for.

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  • Family Therapy: Family therapy is appropriate whenever you’re dealing with a familial situation that’s causing undue stress, anger, conflict or grief
  • Anorexia Nervosa: Family therapy is considered a first line treatment for adolescent anorexia nervosa and a promising treatment for other forms of adolescent EDs
  • Conduct Disorder: The earlier you initiate treatment the better the ultimate prognosis. In general, kids who get treatment quickly do far better in life than those who only get treatment long after negative behaviors become established
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