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Concerned family and friends have a powerful weapon to influence change in abuse behaviors. Well run interventions convince more than 80% of addicts to accept offered treatment, and since studies show that once in treatment, even those reluctant to go do just as well, families can really influence a great change towards health and happiness.

But although a well run intervention can do great good, a poorly run or confrontational intervention can make an already difficult situation worse. ChooseHelp professional intervention specialists can help to ensure that your intervention goes as planned, and get a loved one that needs help into treatment.

ChooseHelp professionals arrange the intervention, lead family rehearsals, consult on treatment alternatives, moderate the actual intervention, and will even provide transportation after the event directly to the treatment center. You have to get it right, and since interventions are emotionally charged, having a professional run the proceedings can ensure that the message gets across clearly; but also with feelings of compassion and concern from a family desperate to help.

Call our helpline to learn more about running an effective intervention.

Let us come to your home and help you to make a difference.

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Page last updated Sep 08, 2010

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