Eating Disorders: 50 Relapse Warning Signs

Are you sliding toward relapse? Check your current thoughts and behaviors against a list of 50 eating disorder relapse signs.

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Eating Disorders: Exploring Recovery – What Is It? What Does It Feel Like? © Lulu The Bold

We don’t yet have a standardized definition of eating disorder recovery, but what does recovery look and feel like? Survivors and experts explain and explore the lifetime journey of ED recovery.

Eating Disorders: How to Determine an Appropriate Level of Care © -Carly-

A general overview of the different levels of care (hospitalization, residential, day treatment, outpatient). How to know which is right for you.

9 Ways to Support a Teenager Who Is Already Getting Treatment for an Eating Disorder © pixieclipx

The first thing you have to do is get your child assessed and if necessary, into treatment. But after that - what's your role then? Read on to learn 9 ways to effectively support a teen who is already receiving professional care, but who still needs a ton of support from the rest of the family.

Binge Eating Disorder: 6 Treatment Recommendations © Fu Man Jew

Struggling with binge eating disorder and ready to get help but not sure where to turn or how to start? Here are 6 guidelines to getting the help you need, when you need it.

10 Step Treatment Guide for Bulimia Nervosa © Noukka Signe

Are you struggling with bulimia? Read on to learn what treatments you need and what you don’t in this 10 step guide to overcoming this damaging eating disorder

Excessive Exercise - 15 Warning Signs of Compulsive Exercise © Lars Hammar

Are you a healthy exerciser or do family and friends express concern at how often, how long and how hard you train? Is exercise fun for you, or is it something you NEED to do so you don’t feel guilty, anxious and depressed? Learn more about the warning signs of compulsive exercise and learn better and more joyful ways to weave fitness and health into your lifestyle.

Orthorexia: An Unhealthy Obsession with Healthy Eating © Daniela Vladimirova

What starts out as a desire to eat healthily can sometimes turn into something more nefarious and good intentions sometimes have unintended negative consequences. Orthorexia is a pop culture term to describe a fixation with healthy eating. People with Orthorexia will avoid certain types of food or even food groups entirely and in extreme cases become quite limited in what they can consume; and the consequences of Orthorexia can include malnutrition, social isolation and feelings of guilt and self loathing. Learn more about the condition and about what treatments are used to correct this unhealthy obsession with good health.

The Dangers of Pro-Ana Websites (Pro Anorexia) © burnt out impurities

Pro Ana websites support anorexia as a lifestyle choice and celebrate extreme thinness as beautiful. People using these sites gain support for their unhealthy eating behaviors; and from within a community of like minded people, dangerous behaviors become normalized. Research shows that the use of pro-ana sites can worsen the severity of an eating disorder.

Childhood Obesity - How Parents Can Safely Encourage Weight Loss © Max Roeleveld

Obese kids should be encouraged to lose weight for greater physical and often mental health. Learn how to encourage weight loss, without increasing the risk of an eating disorder.

Diets just don't work. 95% of dieters regain any weight lost within 1-5 years, and since futile dieting can harm your health as well as increase your risks for an eating disorder - say no to diets!

No Diets! How Parents Can Help Kids Learn Healthy Eating Habits © happy Horizons

Teach your kids to love their bodies - start by loving your own! Learn why what parents do matters a whole more than what we say, and put into practice easy strategies to keep your kids safe from eating disorders.

Body Dysmorphism Disorder (BDD) - Symptoms, Dangers and Treatments © Nicolai Kjaergaard

People with BDD are fixated on a certain part of their face, or body - believe it to be very ugly and noticeable, and worry about it enough to influence quality to of life. In extreme cases, BDD can cause social isolation or even suicide. Understand BDD, and learn how treatment can help.

Although some find solutions to eating disorder challenges through outpatient therapies or group support, others never seem able to break free without more intensive therapy on a residential basis. Learn 7 real advantages of an inpatient stay, and why a residential facility can offer more.

Eating Disorders - Residential Treatment Options © Giles Guerrez

The differences in price, treatment intensity and therapies between the three different types of residential facilities for eating disorder treatment.

Take the following 5 question test to find out if you have an eating disorder.

Eating Disorders in Men - More Common Than You Think © Eric Mueller

Almost 1 million American men suffer an eating disorder.

Compulsive eaters tend to be obese, and most people will suggest that the solution to their problems lies through a better diet. Diets don't work well though when food is used as a coping tool.

Ipecac kills. Now rarely recommended for use even after accidental poisoning, regular abuse of the emetic syrup is exceedingly dangerous - 10% of bulimics have used it to purge, and some use it with regularity.

More people suffer binge eating than any other form of eating disorder - by far. Binge eating is also chronically under-diagnosed.

Bulimia Nervosa - Signs, Symptoms and Risks © Christi Nielsone

Bulimics binge eat and purge, as a means of weight management and also as emotional control. Learn what signs indicate tough-to-spot bulimia.

Anorexia Nervosa - Signs, Symptoms and Risks © madame Psychosis

Anorexia nervosa, the deadliest mental-health disorder, is a fixation on weight control - literally a form of self starvation. Learn the signs, symptoms and risks of the disease.

Tragically, a habitual cycle of binging and purging with laxatives can lead to serious organ damage, and a risk of death. It also won't cause real weight loss.

Eating Disorder Treatments - An Overview © Sam Javanrouh

Learn what treatment approaches work for people with eating disorders.

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  • The Dangers of Diets: Not only do diets very rarely result in lasting weight loss, they can trigger an unhealthy preoccupation with weight and food control.
  • Male Eating Disorders: Although we rarely think of men when we think of eating disorders between 5% and 15% of all eating disorder cases occur amongst men
  • Anorexia Nerovosa: This form of self starvation is the most lethal of all mental illnesses, with as many as 20% of those diagnosed with anorexia eventually dying from a condition related to the disease
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National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) Support for individuals and families affected by eating disorders. The site offers plenty of information about prevention, cures and access to quality care.
MedlinePlus: Eating Disorders A comprehensive list of resources compiled by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.
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