How to Be More Assertive in Your Relationship

Resentment grows when you always give-in. Save your relationship by taking care of yourself while staying considerate to your partner's needs. Here are 4 ways to get started.

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The silent treatment, the cold shoulder...the sofa banishment - though punishment can work in the short-term, it harms your relationship. Learn better ways to interact.

Job Loss and Marriage - 8 Tips for Coping with Unemployment Stress © Dustin McClure

With the ongoing financial crisis and loss of jobs and unemployment benefits, a marriage can be stressed to the breaking point. Here are 8 marriage-protecting tips to help you cope - and thrive - through hard financial times.

Seven Habits of Highly Successful Couples © Accidental-Tourist

Experience and research identify seven factors that keep a relationship going. Cultivate these habits and stay with your partner forever.

Coping with Chronic Ailments as a Couple © AmslerPIX

Even the most "solid" couple can struggle when one partner, or both, contract any type of chronic ailment. Some might think that it is "not cancer" or "not life-threatening" and should therefore be "easy" to deal with.... but any time there is a change in the functioning of people in a relationship, that relationship faces stress.

Good Listener? Test Yourself, and Learn How to Improve! © Jonathon Kos-Read

Want a quick and easy way to improve your relationship? Try listening instead of talking for a change!!! To start with take this quick self test to assess your listening skills and areas of weakness, and then learn 14 simple listening skills to start using right away.

Do You Need Couples Counseling? Ask Yourself 12 Questions and Find Out © Matt Madd

Sure, things aren’t great… but are they bad enough to warrant couples counseling? Probably better to err on the side of caution, but if you’re really not sure, take this quick and easy self test designed to diagnose a relationship in distress.

Building an Intercultural Relationship - Overcoming Differences © Khamal Zharif

All couples have differences. When the partners come from different cultures the differences are more pronounced. Learn about the 4 styles of intercultural relationships and about how to cope with (and celebrate!) differences.

The Four Styles of Marital Relationships - Balance the Styles and Improve Your Relationship © Auzigog

There are 4 styles of relationships in a marriage. None are all good or all bad - the trick is in finding a balance! Learn about the 4 different styles and about how you can incorporate all into your romantic relationship.

Dealing With Passive Aggressive Behavior © Emanuele Rosso

Passive aggressive behavior is increasingly common in the mainstream and allows folks to be hurtful while also avoiding direct conflict. Holding others accountable for what they say and do allows us to reduce misunderstandings and attain more effective communication and relations.

Is Solo Couples Counseling Effective? © Shandi-Lee

Is it worth the time and effort to go see a counselor for relationship issues - even without the other part of the relationship in attendance? Learn what you can do when your relationship is in trouble.

When to Seek Couples Counseling - 5 Signs to Watch For © Josh Kenzer

When might a couple benefit from couples counseling? Anytime! But if that's too vague, here are some indicators that a couple might use to gauge their potential need for couples counseling.

Couples Counseling – Dealing with Differing Intimacy Needs © B Tal

What do we do when our needs for intimacy are different? One person needs more cuddling. The other wants more sex. One person wants more talking time. The other wants more kisses.

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  • Couples Therapy: Therapists say the biggest mistake most people make is waiting too long, and letting problems get too entrenched, before seeking help
  • Saving a Relationship: Never get therapy to ‘fix’ your partner, couples therapy only works when both parties take honest ownership of their contributions to the problem
  • Sex Therapy: If your relationship problems are largely sexual in nature you might find a short period of sexual therapy very helpful. Sex therapy helps between 50% and 70% of men with stress related ED recover normal sexual functioning
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