The Knots Prayer: For Recovery Strength
© Leo Reynolds

A simple prayer to recite whenever fear, guilt, shame or self-doubt threaten to derail your recovery efforts.

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We Cannot Merely Pray © DamienHR

A moving poem by Rabbi Jack Riemer reminds us that we cannot merely ask God in prayer to do something which is within our power, so as to spare us the chore of doing it.

The 12th step is for life. Pray for the strength and commitment to lead others to Christ.

Pray for a life of peace, of sobriety and of Christ. the 11th step is for life.

Pray to live a better life. Pray so that you may not harm as you did while using, and pray so that when you do harms, you see them quickly, and can make immediate amends.

Here you truly need the power of Christ. Pray for the strength and resolve to make amends well

Preparing to make amends takes real courage. Prayer helps a lot.

We pray and He frees us. Here lies true glory of God! Pray for freedom from your shortcomings, and you shall be freed.

6th Step Prayers © @ina

Prayers for understanding, so that we may use our new self-awareness to live better, for God.

Pray for the courage to say what needs to be said and for the humility to say it right.

When we look deeply, and honestly at our strengths, but also at our weaknesses, we rarely like what we see. Pray for the courage and resolve to complete this task.

3rd Step Prayers © Kwerfeldein

In the 3rd of the Christian 12 steps, we pledge our will and our lives to the God of the Christian Bible.

2nd Step Prayers © Kelsey_lovefusionphoto

The Christian 12 steps evoke beauty and power. They lead us away from drugs and alcohol as they lead us back to a strong connection with Christ....but although the process works, the journey is far from easy. Here are some prayers long used for when times get tough.

First Step Prayers © Dtcchc

Pray for truth and of truth. The first step is a simple admission of our powerlessness, and because what seems so simple sometimes feels so hard, we pray.

Prayers for Each of the Christian 12 Steps © One from RM

Overcome addiction with the Christian 12 steps as you also build a deep foundation for a true life in Christ. Working the 12 steps is rarely easy, but through them you reap a glorious reward. Pray for guidance, strength and courage, and find through Christ what you seek.

The Lord will heal your teen. Let Him. Pray for the strength and wisdom to do all you can do and nothing more. Pray so that you may transform your pain and anger into love, and pray that your teen may soon feel God's healing power.

Believe in God, and believe in prayer, and believe that God can do all things. There is always hope. Pray.

A Mother's Prayer. From Sadness, for Love. © Gaellery

We will for always remember our grown children as the innocent laughing souls they were, and it hurts us deeply when we see them in pain. Pray for love; pray that they feel God's love.

We do not need to forget, but we must forgive. We must protect ourselves, but we must also act only from love and with kindness. Pray for forgiveness and for love.

A prayer for grace. A prayer for understanding and a prayer for wisdom. Let God guide you and allow you to live well, for Him.

You can do a lot, but only Christ can truly heal. Pray for God's grace and wisdom, pray for an acceptance of your limits and pray that your loved one will feel God's love and get better.

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  • The Power of Prayer: Much of the recovery process involves letting go to your own sense of will and power and accepting your need for Christ’s love, strength and guidance. Through the power of prayer you can find what you need to move on!
  • The Last Best Thing: When you you’ve done everything you can think of and nothing has worked – pray. God can do easily what you you’ll never accomplish on your own.
  • God's Path: God wants us to live happy, righteous and fruitful lives, and so when we pray for recovery we pray for a return to His path!
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