Should You Get an ADHD Coach?
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Is an ADHD coach worth the money? What can you expect to get out of a coaching relationship? Do experts recommend coaching? Learn the basics here and find out if coaching might be right for you.

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Adult ADD/ADHD: How to Gain Social Skills by Improving Non Verbal Communication © Shandi-Lee

If you have adult ADD/ADHD you may have difficulty sustaining attention when in conversation with another person – and because of this you’re more likely to miss the important information that’s communicated through body language and through other forms of non verbal communication. Fortunately, with effort you can improve. Here are 8 ways to get better.

Adult ADHD - 9 Ways to Overcome Impulsive Spending © 401K 2012

ADD/ADHD causes impulse control problems, so it’s not surprising that many people with ADD/ADHD have money problems stemming at least in part from impulsive spending. Here are 9 simple ways to overcome an impulsive spending problem.

20 Common Behavioral Warning Signs of Adult ADD/ADHD © Franck Vervial

Adults with ADD/ADHD face similar challenges and tend to exhibit similar behaviors. Read on to find a list of 20 very common behaviors of adult ADD/ADHD. The more behaviors that match your own, the more you may want to think about getting tested for a diagnosis.

Did You Have ADHD as a Child? Answer These Questions to Find Out © Zitona

You can’t get a diagnosis of adult ADD or ADHD unless you can show that your symptoms originated in childhood and persisted into adulthood. Answer the following questions to see if your behaviors in childhood match the criteria for a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD.

Think You Have Adult ADD/ADHD? Here’s Why You Need a Professional Diagnosis – 15 Other Conditions that Can Cause ADD/ADHD Symptoms © KellyB

There are about 15 other common disorders that can cause symptoms that can be misdiagnosed as adult ADD/ADHD…which makes self diagnosing, and especially self medicating, a pretty bad idea.

Do You Have Undiagnosed Adult ADHD? Here’s a Guide to Getting a Diagnosis © Alex E. Proimos

Wondering if you might have undiagnosed adult ADHD? Well, diagnosing adult ADHD isn’t easy or straightforward (you have to show that you've had it since you were a child, for starters) - so here’s a brief guide to what you can expect to encounter in the diagnostic process.

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  • The Three Subtypes of ADHD: You can have a diagnosis of ADHD mainly inattentive, ADHD mainly hyperactive-impulsive or, if you display inattention and hyperactive-impulsive symptoms, a diagnosis of ADHD combined.
  • ADHD Treatments: The three most common treatments for adult ADHD are medications (stimulants and sometimes certain antidepressant) education (learning coping skills etc.) and counseling, such as CBT.
  • Getting a Diagnosis: To get a diagnosis of adult ADHD you have to be able to show that symptoms originated in childhood and have persisted since then and that no other condition better explains your symptoms
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