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Government Employees In OxyContin Scam
Miami police arrested 56 government employees yesterday, on charges relating to a grand-scale insurance fraud to obtain prescriptions for the highly addictive ...
Broadcom Billionaire Nicholas Indicted for Drugs Charges - Including Slipping Ecstasy into Employees Drinks!
Henry Nicholas faces as many as 370 years in federal prison if convicted on all financial and drugs charges arrayed against him. He surrendered to FBI agents ...
Congressman Vito J. Fossella Faces 5 Days in Prison After DUI
Under Virginia law, any person caught driving with a blood alcohol level of greater than 0.15 faces a 5 day minimum jail sentence.
NASCAR Driver Admits to Using Heroin Before Racing
Aaron Fike says that his story is proof that NASCAR's drug testing policy doesn't work.
Must Have - Baby for Sale!?! Vancouver Police Rescue Infant Put up for Sale on Craigslist
A Canadian grandmother was shocked when she saw an internet ad for a "Baby for Sale". She called the police and police found the baby.
ND Surgeon Attempts Operation With An Astounding 0.35 Blood Alcohol Content
Hospital staff noticed Dr William Yvorchuk's intoxication as he was about to start his third operation of the day.
NY Catholic Priest Removed from Parish for Gambling Away Donations
Rev. Patrick Dunne, who served at the Our Lady of Sorrows Church in White Plains NY, has been removed from his duties for misusing church funds.
Caught Smoking Crack on Video - Amy Winehouse Checks into Drug Rehab
Amy Winehouse could deny it no longer - after a weekend video showed her smoking crack cocaine hours before a court appearance, the singer has checked into a ...
36 Imaginary Dependent Children Earns Scottish Heroin Addict 80 000 Pounds in Tax Credits
For 3 years, no one noticed that 30 year old Irven Foster produced an average of 12 children per year - for tax purposes.