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Prescription drug addiction is very real, devastating, and you need to take it seriously. Get help and free yourself from the pains of prescription drug abuse. Our addiction treatment programs offer specialized medical therapies and counseling. We understand what you are going through.

Blue Ridge Mountain Treatment Center, GA
Cascade Treatment Center, WA
Timberline Knolls Treatment Center, IL
Lakeland Treatment Center, MO
Options Treatment Center, IN
Lakeview Treatment Center, GA
Park Royal Treatment Center, FL
Riverview Treatment Center, AR
The Refuge Treatment Center, FL
Rebound Treatment Center, SC
Longleaf Treatment Center, LA
North Tampa Treatment Center, FL
RiverWoods Treatment Center, GA
The Rose (Women) Treatment Center, CA
Life Center Rehab Facility, VA
Sober Living Treatment Center, CA
Wellness Resource Recovery Center, FL
New Life Lodge Treatment Center, TN
Keystone Treatment Center, SD
Bayside Marin Luxury Rehab, CA
White Deer Run Recovery Centers, PA
Sierra Tucson Treatment Center, AZ
Bowling Green Treatment Center, PA
Acadiana Treatment Center, LA

It doesn’t matter how you got addicted.

Drugs feel no empathy, cannot differentiate between someone addicted through prescribed and necessary medications and those who abused prescription medications recreationally; and it shouldn’t matter anyways.

Addiction is a disease, and once addicted to prescription pain pills you very likely need help to get off. It’s not about willpower, addiction targets a part of the brain beyond conscious control; and although you may wonder at your weakness over the lure of pills, at least know that you have a medically recognized disease, you are no longer in complete control over your mind and your actions, and when you take the courageous step of getting help for your disease…you show just how strong you are.

Although prescription pills seduce us with their pleasures and their veneer of doctor prescribed safety and legitimacy, these pills addict as readily as heroin, the detox can be just as potent, and few people can beat an addiction to prescription pills without professional assistance.

Prescription Drug Detox

The first necessary and difficult step down the road to recovery is detox; and it's a fear of the pains of detox that keep so many using and abusing for far too long. Although purchased at the pharmacy, prescription pill detox equates more to a street corner heroin withdrawal; and few people can make it past the great cravings, the physical discomfort, and the knowledge that a single pill can take it all away.

A sequestered and supervised detox in a residential drug rehab offers prescription drug dependent patients the best and most comfortable chance at success. Few people can make it on their own. The cravings pull strongly and the pains can seem unbearable; and when access to drugs means a single pill ends all the discomfort, not many have the strength to endure.

In a treatment facility, you benefit from medical supervision; supervision that ensures that you proceed through detox safely, and also as comfortably as possible. No medication can take all the discomfort away, but through a doctor's care and monitoring, the appropriate use of non intoxicating prescription drugs and the continual assistance of treatment center staff, you will make it through detox.

Addiction Treatment

Detox is tough, and the fear of detox keeps a lot of people using, but detox is not a permanent solution to the problem of prescription drug addiction. Although with the end of detox you no longer feel physical withdrawal, you will still feel cravings, still experience temptations; and you need to learn effective strategies of drug avoidance that ensure you'll never again need to feel the pains of prescription drug detox.

In prescription drug rehab you'll work with a therapist to unearth those things in life that make you take drugs to get high. You'll participate in group therapy sessions with other people just like you, just as surprised to find themselves needing help for prescription drug abuse, and facing the same challenges you are. You'll also learn concrete and effective strategies you'll put into practice whenever you feel temptation to use; strategies that will keep you sober as you pass through the initial tough months of abstinence.

Get better

Getting off and staying off isn’t easy, but it's possible. Taking your problem seriously and getting appropriate professional treatment assistance gives you the tools you'll need to stay free from abuse, and never again feel the pains and loss of control of addiction.

You will need to work at it and there are no magic cures, but there are also no good reasons to keep abusing drugs, ruining your health, finances and family happiness all for the false pleasures that come out of a bottle of pills.

Get better today.

Don't hesitate to contact us today for more information about our prescription drugs rehabilitation programs. We can help you to get your life back. Don't live another day suffering through addiction...

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  • Beyond Your Control: You have a medically recognized disease
  • Professional Assistance: Few people can beat an addiction to prescription pills without medical supervision
  • Drug Avoidance: Learn effective strategies

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